Hong Kong Life streamlines insurance applications with ‘iAM Smart’ technology

Hong Kong Life has further expanded its application of “iAM Smart”, an innovative InsurTech, achieving a first-in-market milestone in the Hong Kong insurance industry.

Last year, Hong Kong Life made history as the first life insurance company to adopt “iAM Smart” authentication for account login, providing customers with a secure and convenient way to access services.

This year, the company integrates the “iAM Smart” e-ME Form Filling function into its online application journey for new customers, allowing their personal information to be automatically filled-in.

“In today’s digital era, it’s apt to make use of the power of technology to satisfy different customer needs and deliver meticulous services. We take great pride in being the first insurer again to apply another groundbreaking ‘iAM Smart’ technology to our online service this year. This function will improve information accuracy and time efficiency,” Hong Kong Life’s Chief Operating Officer Margaret Tsang said.

The project was conducted in collaboration with MediConCen Limited, an InsurTech startup, and sponsored by Hong Kong Life under the Fintech Proof-of-Concept Subsidy Scheme offered by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau.

Hong Kong Life, established in 2001 by five local financial institutions, boasts an extensive network of around 130 distribution points. The firm has continually demonstrated a commitment to excellent products and services while pushing the boundaries of innovation in the InsurTech sector.

With the integration of “iAM Smart”, Hong Kong Life aims to further enhance their digital services and customer experience.

This InsurTech’s application will continue to be explored and expanded by the insurer, offering customers a fresh, seamless, and intelligent experience when applying for Hong Kong Life’s online insurance products.

The “iAM Smart” e-ME Form Filling function illustrates how Hong Kong Life continues to be a pioneer in the integration of technology in the insurance sector.


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